433MHz Antenna

Are you looking for the best 433mhz antenna? This 433mhz antenna of Haitong has a ground-independent helical whip antenna with features of a high-grade connector allowing to disconnect of the antenna from the base. Our antenna products have high quality and have an excellent 433mhz antenna connection to your network.

433MHz Antenna Technology

The use of the Haitong 433MHz antenna has several applications but has yet to be discovered. The use of point-to-point 433 MHz antenna frequency technology to obtain control of household appliances and lighting, installation, and setup are reasonably simple, mainly utilized to achieve control of some specific devices or lights, and the cost is low.

433MHz Antenna For Your Choice


Quarter-wave helical 433mhz antenna

Quarter-wave helical antenna

This sort of 433MHz Helical antenna design reduces the antenna's size to manageable limits. The antenna element is helically wrapped, reducing its size to around 7.5 centimeters.
LP-WAN Smart appliances and household settings to regional or national infrastructures such as transportation or utility systems may all benefit from LP-WAN networking.
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433MHz whip antenna

433 MHz whip antenna

Wave whip antennas outperform helical antennas in terms of performance and bandwidth availability, although they are longer. They are incredibly flexible and can take a beating.
Industrial Settings The automated wireless transfer of sensor data may be utilized to automatically modify the temperature, pressure, speed, and environmental variables. It has applications in agriculture, oil and gas, energy, warehousing, and logistics that are both practical and inventive.
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433MHz Yagi antenna

433MHz Yagi antenna

In size and placement, a 433 MHz Yagi antenna is similar to a television antenna. They are intended for outdoor use, with a cable connecting the power supply and radio equipment.
Amateur radio satellites and even TV (Fast Scan Television) transmit worldwide. Equipment for optimal and compatible usage of this frequency is widely available, and enthusiasts can custom-build components.
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433 MHz panel antenna

433 MHz panel antenna

Another directional antenna that may be used to offer coverage in a specified direction is the panel antenna. The gain achievable with this antenna is lower than with the Yagi.
Short-range radio communications 433 MHz additional antennas and 433 MHz signal relays can be used to expand the signal from a wireless transmitter to increase signal coverage. Garage door openers, remote-controlled blinds, wireless switches, home sensors, and wireless alarms require short-range radio connections.
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LDS Antenna

Omnidirectional 433 MHz antennas

Omni antennas with high gain are tall, pole-like antennas that can be half, full, or twice the wavelength at 433 MHz ( around 70 cm). They are typically installed at a height. They have significantly lesser gain than directional antennas.
433 MHz antenna for IoT The Internet of Things entailed item networking, connection, and communication, sometimes with little to no human interaction.
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LDS antenna

Through-hole mount 433 MHz antennas

Puck antennas, called after their hockey-puck shape, provide omnidirectional coverage and allow attractive and secure through-hole attachment on vehicle roofs, walls, or ceilings. To enable downstream connections, a pigtail cable with antenna connectors is supplied.
433 MHz antennas for amateur Users are frequently restricted in terms of power and location. This eliminates the possibility of interference from high-strength antennas. Several authorities and amateur organizations use band planning to allocate various frequencies to different types of traffic.
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Haitong vision is to be a global, world-class, trusted leader in antenna solutions that aims to deliver advanced technologies for the connected world. We provide one-stop solutions. Our expert team tests and checks our antennas in a production line to ensure that all products are working.

Process In Design And Production Stage For 433MHz Antenna

We provide various manufacturing process phone antenna options to meet the mechanical constraints of your application. We design and manufacture antennas that fulfill the most stringent operating requirements, and we pioneer unique embedded antenna systems.


Initial Dimensions

The 433MHz antenna design characteristics of a rectangular microstrip antenna are calculated. The transmission line model's initial antenna design is a rough estimate.

Design of Antennas

The printed circuit board was utilized to create the antenna prototype, whose design model was completed, and performance parameters were projected.


Obtain and High gain Evaluation

The gain and high gain efficiency numbers are given locally for a few frequencies. It's small because the dual-band capability enables two antennas to perform this purpose.


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Because of our off-the-shelf antenna solutions with features such as low power consumption, high reliability, and durability, which are required for wireless IoT, M2M, and embedded electronic applications, Haitong has earned the reputation of being the antenna manufacturer of choice for major systems integrators and module vendors. As antenna producers and traders, we strive to improve our relationships with customers and employees by being honest with them and respecting their ideas.

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These 433MHz UHF Antennas are Helical Whip antennas that are not grounded. Its base has a high-quality connection that lets you release the antenna from the bottom. There are several lengths and connections to choose from.

433MHz is a regularly used frequency range for low-power electronics such as garage door openers, headphones, baby phones, and remote controls. Numerous low-cost transmitters and receivers also use the 433MHz frequency for switching devices and light dimmers.

These modules are trendy among hobbyists and manufacturers, mainly owing to their low cost and ease of usage. They are mainly used for short-range communication, dependent on the transmitter voltage, antenna, and RF noise in your location at 433 MHz.

The unlicensed 433 MHz frequency band is from 433.05 MHz to 434.79 MHz. In unrestricted areas, the frequency range of 412-440 MHz is commonly assigned to amateur radio and amateur satellites. The spectrum’s range and usage limitations vary greatly among areas.

Some get them to function, but most of the time, they don’t. What is the range of my remote control? The content of your remote control varies based on the environment. Most remote controllers offered nowadays operate on the 433mhz frequency and have a range of roughly 30 meters under normal conditions.

Long push the station button you would like to link on 4CHPROR3 until the red Wi-Fi LED flashes fast once and then release, then short press the remote control key you’d like to pair until the red Wi-Fi LED flashes quickly again, indicating that the button was successfully matched.

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