Injection Mold Manufacturing

Nhait is a renowned producer of injection moulds, focusing on creating excellent quality moulds for various sectors. Accuracy and ingenuity are delivered to fulfil the needs of multiple clients.

Injection Mould Manufacturing Process



Injection Mold Design


Here, you produce 3D models and technical drawings.


Injection Mold Selection of material

Selection of material

You have to choose a suitable plastic resin for the mould. Choosing the right materials is an essential aspect as this would have effects on the final products.


Injection Mold Injection


The plastic resin is heated and injected into the mould.


Solidification and removal

Solidification and removal

This step enables the molten plastic to set up inside the mould. Ejection is the process of removing a hardened component from a mould cavity.


Injection Mold Finishing


Any excess materials are trimmed off and the product has a smooth surface finish.


Injection Mold Shipping


All products that have passed the quality checks will be packaged and distributed to clients worldwide.

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Custom Injection Mould Parts Solutions


Introducing our solution for custom injection-moulded parts: We specialise in providing specialised and superior injection-moulded components to satisfy the various requirements of our customers. We guarantee accurate design, effective production, and prompt delivery with a committed team of professionals and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. We offer a complete answer to all of your injection moulding services.

Materials used injection mould

The various materials used to create injection moulds, also known as injection moulding tools, typically provide strength, heat resistance, and a stable dimensional structure. The type of product being designed, the volume of production, and economic concerns are only a few examples of the variables that influence the material choice.

P-20 steel

P-20 steel

Due to its favourable mix of durability, corrosion resistance, and machinability, P-20 steel is preferred for injection moulds. It compromises cost and performance and is frequently utilised for small to high-volume production.

Beryllium copper

Beryllium copper

This substance has outstanding mechanical qualities, strong thermal conductivity, and good corrosion resistance. Beryllium copper moulds are frequently utilised for applications needing high electrical or thermal conductivity, such as some electronic components.

Custom Injection Mould Aluminium


Since aluminium is less expensive and can be machined more quickly than steel, it is frequently used for prototypes and low-volume production. Aluminium moulds may nevertheless manufacture a sizable number of pieces before needing replacement, despite not being as sturdy as steel moulds.

Custom Injection Mould Steel


Due to its outstanding toughness, resilience to wear, and heat conductivity, steel is the most often used material for injection moulds.

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Application industry and case


Automotive Industry

Laboratory Equipment

Electronics and Electrical Industry

Buildings and Constructions

Aerospace industry

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We are experts at producing customised injection moulds that are made to your exact specifications and that give flexibility in design, functionality to satisfy your requirements.


To provide value for your investment, we prioritise cost-efficiency without sacrificing quality. To do this, we offer competitive pricing alternatives, reduce material waste.

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