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Spring Contact Technology

To fulfill the needs of modern test and measurement issues, Nhait has the growing performance requirements of automated test equipment and test fixtures that necessitate more advanced contact solutions. 

Material, manufacturing technology, design, and rapid prototyping advancements have created novel spring contact designs for high-reliability connector assemblies, which provide great options for temporary connections in OEM and test applications.

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Standard-flat Contact

Standard-flat Contact

Spring finger with a simple shape for convenience usage in a typical box and C-type connections.
Automotive Wire forms and custom-made springs are critical components in the assembly of automotive parts and cars. High-performance, dependable, and long-lasting springs are essential for vehicles, whether for suspension or seat assembly.
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Pre-loaded Contact

Pre-loaded Contact

Pre-loaded spring fingers are recommended when stable electrical contact is required. The force change is negligible throughout the spring finger's operational range. Spring fingers that have already been loaded.
Aerospace applications need parts that can face unique, demanding difficulties since aircraft must perform flawlessly under extremely hostile conditions. The aircraft is only as good as the parts that comprise it. 
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Ultra-small Contact

Ultra-small Contact

Extreme is available in a variety of heights and styles/form elements. Little spring fingers are used inside—a wide range of applications with little space among several enterprises.
Electronic's numerous electrical gadgets rely on spring contact. Springs have a wide range of applications in an electrical system, from safety to usefulness. Custom spring fabrication is one of our strengths, and the electronics sector is one of the largest industries we serve.
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Custom OEM Spring Contact Solution


We are an OEM professional manufacturer of spring contacts. With over a decade of spring contact expertise and R&D department assistance, we are always developing our abilities to handle client difficulties. We provide manufacturing services for bespoke metal, battery, spring, and electrical contacts.

Process in design and production stage for Spring Contact

Although many goods rely on the endurance of their spring components, choosing high-quality spring contact that will not fail early is critical. We in Nhait conservatively follow standard production methodology such as follows:



Confirm the application

We design the corresponding size and technical specifications according to the customer's requirements.

Heat Treatment

Mold design

According to product specifications and material characteristics, our mold workshop will make corresponding molds.




According to different products, we have stamping machines of corresponding specifications to produce.


Spring contact packaging


According to the customer's requirements, we can provide different specifications of packaging methods such as carrier belt, blister, PE bag, etc


Our certification


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Nhait works hard to enhance the quality and service that our clients expect from a spring contact. Our goods are tested before and during manufacture to guarantee that they meet your expectations.

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We're here to help, from the quality components we make and the speed with which we make them to an expert staff that can help you solve your most critical technical difficulties.

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Nhait has the experience, ability, and dedication to supplying customized components to satisfy your exact demands, whether you require a single prototype or a multi-million-part production run.

Save your Costs

We offer free tooling design, tooling costs may be refunded if the target quantity is met. We provide expert answers to our clients and assist with product research. 

On-Time Delivery

Share your specifications and receive high-quality spring contacts on time.

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Most Popular Questions


A Spring Contact is an internal connector used in electronic devices to provide electrical connection or grounding. Antenna contacts, spring fingers, shield fingers, and grounding contacts are other names for them.

The production of spring finger contacts begins with thousands of meters of Copper Beryllium metal strips (the raw material for the core of the spring contact).

Spring contacts are ideal for making low-voltage electrical connections on various printed circuit boards PCB spring contacts. They are simple to use. Spring contacts can be used for antenna feeding, grounding, EMI noise, and static electricity prevention.

Spring contacts can be employed in a variety of settings and combinations. The electrical spring contact connection is created vertically or laterally on the PCB, depending on the shape and design of the spring contact.

The thickness of the CuBe strip used to make these pieces is 0.08 or 0.10mm. Our primary spring finger contact has a maximum height of 13mm. Some special spring contacts may be installed below this side.

For EMI shielding and grounding, spring contacts are an alternative to EMI Gaskets (Spring Loaded Contact Silicone or Metallic Gaskets). These spring contacts serve as connectors as well. Spring contacts have been designed for a high-efficiency production process.

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