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The primary goal of Nhait, a reputable manufacturer of high-quality printed circuit boards (PCB) shielding cans, is to provide effective EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding solutions for electronic equipment.

We provide customised PCB shielding cans that guarantee optimum performance and protection for delicate electronics thanks to our cutting-edge facilities and manufacturing procedures. Precision-engineered shielding cans that match industry standards and specifications are designed and produced by our skilled team of engineers in close collaboration with clients.

Nhait is dedicated to providing dependable, long-lasting, and affordable shielding solutions to support our client’s pursuit of higher product performance and minimising EMI-related problems.

PCB Shielding Cans Technology

Electronic gadgets rely on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) shielding technologies to shield sensitive components from radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). It includes enclosing the PCB in a shielded enclosure made of conductive materials or coatings to lessen the effects of outside electromagnetic waves.

This shielding improves overall performance and dependability by preserving signal integrity, lowering noise, and ensuring the proper operation of electronic circuits.

Choice of Shield Type


One-piece RF shield

One-piece RF shield

Made from metal and offers a complete enclosure for the PCB, providing effective EMI shielding. The one-piece RF shield is easy to install and remove, typically with a snap-on or slide-on design.
Two-piece shield

Two-piece shield

The base and cover can be easily assembled and disassembled. It offers flexibility in terms of access and customisation and it often features a gasket or EMI shielding to ensure a reliable seal between the base and cover.
Drawn RF shield

Drawn RF shield

This is manufactured by drawing a flat metal sheet into a three-dimensional shape. It can be customised to fit specific PCB layouts and component arrangements. It is often designed with features such as embossed ventilation holes for heat dissipation.
Surface-mounted shield (SMS)

Surface-mounted shield(SMS)

Designed to be directly soldered onto the surface of the PCB. it provides localised EMI shielding for specific components or sensitive areas. This is ideal for applications with space constraints.
MultiCAV shield

MultivCAV shields

typically made from aluminium or tin-plated steel, offering excellent electrical conductivity and shielding properties. MultiCAV shielding cans are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different PCB layouts and components.
SMT shield clips

SMT shield clips

SMT shield clips are compact and lightweight, allowing them to be easily integrated into the PCB assembly process. SMT shield clips are tiny metal clips that offer targeted shielding for particular PCB locations.

24/7 Towing Service

24/7 Assistance

Custom PCB Shielding Cans Solution


Manufacturer of PCB shielding cans with the most intricate patterns, Nhait is a one-stop shop for electromagnetic shielding. For manufacturing PCB-protecting Cans, we use the most modern production method.
Additionally, to ensure quality, we do a variety of QA tests that are casually chosen from among the many manufacturing methods.

Processes in the Design and Production Stage for Shield


Type of Board Level Shielding

Understanding the precise needs for shielding the PCB through requirement analysis. This includes the appropriate level of protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI), size restrictions, and environmental considerations.

Material for Board Level Shielding

Material for Board Level Shielding

Select a material, such as tin-plated, SUS, or nickel-silver alloy.


Shipping and paperwork

Packing of Board Level Shielding

You may pick between reel and tape, tray, and conventional.


Our certification

As a leading manufacturer of PCB emi shields, we take great pride in our certification, which guarantees the dependability and effectiveness of our products.
Our certification proves our commitment to quality while assuring customers that our rf shield cans solutions comply with the most critical industry standards. The NOA’s criteria have been satisfied.

Why Choose Us

For demanding applications, Nhait provides outstanding, premium PCB shielding cans. Excellence, protection, and innovation are our top priorities.

Customer Service Team

Our customer service is highly motivated, disciplined, focused on demand development, and experienced.

Dedicated Expert Support

Our support team is committed to immediately responding to any queries you may have. We aim to assist you in choosing the best alternatives for your business.

High-Quality Production

We also employ quality control techniques to verify that our goods satisfy the highest safety and performance requirements.

After-Sales Service

All of our customers receive timely and effective after-sales service. Our professionals are ready 24/7 daily to assist clients with questions or problems.

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If you still need assistance or have any further inquiries regarding finding the ideal PCB shielding cans, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our team of knowledgeable experts is prepared to offer the support and guidance you require. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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At Nhait, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We understand the importance of meeting your needs, which is why our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

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Delivering superior quality PCB shielding cans is a source of pride for us at Nhait.Trust us to deliver superior performance and reliability in every PCB shielding can we offer.

Custom Solution

Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to provide custom solutions tailored to your unique specifications. When you choose Nhait, you can be confident in finding the ideal RF shield solution for your PCB.

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