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As the world advances, so do the products related to it. NHAIT is a professional WiFi antenna manufacturer based in China and provides antennas for different wireless instruments.

If your business heavily relies on wireless instruments, then you need antennas that have the latest technology and are able to handle all kinds of wireless frequencies.

WiFi Antenna Technology

The WiFi Antenna Technology is a modern technology used to achieve wireless connectivity. This type of antenna is designed to send and receive signals through the air, allowing users to connect to networks or access the internet without having any physical cables. Learn more on how it works by contacting our experts

WiFi Antennas for your choice


WiFi Antenna for mobile

Mobile Devices

The increasing popularity of mobile devices has made the need for antennas very important.
Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets all require antennas to improve their connection to the internet or any other wireless network.
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WiFi Antenna for car


Modern cars rely heavily on WiFi antennas to provide in car Wi-Fi access while on the road.
Automobiles nowadays are equipped with antennas to provide a secure connection while they’re in motion.
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WiFi Antenna for IOT

IoT Devices

IoT devices often require antennas to communicate data back and forth from one device to another.
Antennas are needed for various Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications such as home automation systems, smart security systems, and other connected devices.
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WiFi Antenna for GPS

GPS devices

GPS devices use antennas to provide location data that can be used for navigation.
High-frequency radio waves are transmitted between a satellite-linked antenna and the device’s receiver for accurate positioning.
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WiFi Antenna for UAVs


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) rely on antennas to maintain their connection with the control center.
Antennas are essential for UAVs as they help in communicating data between the device and its user
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Wifi Antenna for Robotics


Robotics often require antennas to communicate with other devices or sensors.
Antennas are used in robotics to enable communication between various components or devices, thus allowing robots to interact with the outside world.
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Custom OEM WiFi Antenna Solutions


When you work with NHAIT, we can help you create and produce custom OEM WiFi antenna solutions to fit your specific needs.

We offer top-notch quality and competitive prices for all our antennas, so you can be sure that they will last a long time and provide the best performance.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get the perfect wireless solution for your business!

Process in Design and Product Stage for WiFi Antenna

We use the latest technology in designing as well as equipment and manufacturing tools for producing the best quality WiFi antennas. Our team of highly experienced professionals is dedicated to making sure that all our customers are getting tailor-made solutions for their business needs.


Injection Molding

Injection molding is the process of heating and injecting plastic materials into a pre-made mold.

Laser Activation

Once the injection molding process is complete, laser activation is used to activate the electronic components in the antenna.



Metallization is an electroplating process used to add metal layers on the antenna’s surface.


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Why Choose Us

NHAIT is a decade-long leader in antenna technology and wireless solutions. Our team is constantly innovating to bring you the best products in the market.
With the help of our engineers, we are able to create customized solutions that best meet your needs. You can always put your trust in us when it comes to providing you with the highest quality WiFi antennas.


All process and materials used in creating WiFi antennas are in-house and of the highest quality.

Fast Service

We have the ability to rapidly produce and ship out orders that are placed with us, ensuring speedy delivery and excellent customer service.


We understand how the WiFi antenna price can be a major factor for customers. That’s why we offer competitive prices on all our products.

Excellent Customer Support

Our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, from the initial design process all the way to post-sales support.

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Most Popular Questions


In a nutshell, a WiFi antenna is an electronic device that transmits and receives radio signals to communicate data between different devices. Antennas are typically used in wireless networking, such as home networks or public WiFi hotspots, to provide access to the internet.

A WiFi antenna works by emitting radio waves in all directions from a specific point. These radio waves are picked up by devices that are within its range, allowing them to communicate with each other and access the internet.

Using a WiFi antenna offers many benefits, such as improved signal strength, better range, and faster data speeds. Additionally, it also reduces the amount of power used by devices, thus saving money on electricity bills.

There are many types of antennas, such as dipole, omnidirectional, directional, and patch antennas. Each type has different characteristics and is used for different purposes.

We understand why many consumers doubt the effectiveness of antennas. That’s why we have our team extensively testing and verifying the performance of every product that we produce. With our quality assurance procedures, you can rest assured knowing that all our WiFi antennas are working properly when they reach your doorstep.

Yes, having a WiFi antenna does increase the range of the network. An antenna can pick up and transmit signals from farther distances than traditional WiFi devices. This is especially beneficial for longer-range networks or those that need to cover larger spaces.

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