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Looking for highly premium board-level shielding that suits your electronic needs? Here at Nhait, we have a good choice of board level shielding products. 

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Board Level Shielding Technology

Nhait’s board level shields are stamped one-piece and two-piece metal cages that assist in isolating board-level components, limiting crosstalk, and reducing board level shielding EMI susceptibility without affecting system speed. 

Modern mobile devices require improved methods for reducing or limiting the influence of electromagnetic interference as the demand for slimmer devices with numerous antennas, larger data speeds, and higher operating frequencies grows (EMI).

Choice of shield type


one piece Board Level Shielding

One Piece RF Shield

Surface mount or through-hole applications require a one-piece board-level shield. Also compatible with shield clips. One-piece designs provide cost-effective shielding protection.
Modern cell phones include board-level shielding. As more phones use 3D-touch technology (along with other functionalities), additional electromagnetic safeguards are required.
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two piece Board Level Shielding

Two Piece Shield

A two-piece board-level shield made of a frame and a detachable cover allows faster and easier maintenance of the component behind the protection and less board rework.
PC board Screening board level shielding cans provide an efficient way to board-level component isolation and can offer individual or multi-cavity shielding over components on PCB shields.
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Drawn RF Shield

Drawn RF Shield

Seamless Protective Cage for improved shielding Optimal Planarity for increased reflow soldering yield Solid Construction to withstand dents and warping.
Consumer electronics Nhait offers EMI, thermal, and board-level products for a wide range of consumer electronic device applications, including flat-screen displays, desktop, laptop, and server computers, as well as portable electronic devices like GPS units and mobile phones.
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SMT Shield Clips

Surface Mounted Shield

Surface mount shields to suit target clients' shielding needs in both low- and high-profile applications
Thermal Products provides thermal management solutions to our customers. Among the features are excellent heat conductivity, great compressibility, and remarkable dielectric characteristics.
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MultiCAV Shield

MultiCAV Shield

The MultiCAV is a segmented shield that integrates multiple shields into one, decreasing shield weight and cost while preserving board space.
Routers cross talk protection for a bank of transceiver chips was provided by board level shields.
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Surface Mounted Shield

SMT Shield Clips

SMT Shield Clips make EMI shielding systems easier to build. The shield clips eliminate the necessity for soldering.
Drone shielding at the board level is an essential component in designing and constructing all military defensive systems. This is especially true for uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones, which rely on their ability to connect smoothly with ground systems.
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Custom OEM Board Level Shielding Solution


Nhait is one stop solution OEM board level manufacturer that fully customizes electromagnetic shielding with the most complex designs. We have the most advanced production process for shielding manufacturing. 

We also ensure quality with a series of quality assurance tests that we make randomly across production methods.

Process in design and production stage for Shield

Nhait is a leading production process of board level shielding in the market. We provide a wide range of board-level products. We have unique needs for companies building electronic devices that meet and exceed international requirements.


type of board level

Type of Board Level Shielding

Confirm the types of board-level shielding you require, such as one-piece or two-piece shield, surface mount shield, multicav shield, drew shield, and smt shield.

Material for Board Level Shielding

Material for Board Level Shielding

Select a material, such as tin-plated, SUS, or nickel-silver alloy.


Packing of Board Level Shielding

Packing of Board Level Shielding

You may pick between reel and tape, tray, and conventional.


Our certification


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Nhait manufactures exceptional, high-quality products for demanding applications. We prioritize quality, safety, and technology.

We consistently improve our quality processes and invest in sophisticated manufacturing and automation.

We offer high-quality, cost-effective technological solutions ranging from a single standard component to fully customized systems.

Customer Service Team

Our customer service is highly motivated, disciplined, focused on demand development, and experienced.

Dedicated Expert Support

Our support team is committed to immediately responding to any queries you may have. We aim to assist you in choosing the best alternatives for your business.

High-Quality Production

We also employ quality control techniques to verify that our goods satisfy the highest safety and performance requirements.

After-Sales Service

All of our customers receive timely and effective after-sales service. Our professionals are ready 24/7 daily to assist clients with questions or problems.

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Nhait board level shields are stamped one-piece and two-piece metal cages that help to isolate board level components, eliminate crosstalk, and reduce EMI susceptibility without affecting system speed.

The order quantity for each product on our website varies. This is visible on the product information page for each product, at both the minimum and multiple order quantities.

Most Board Level Shields are built of Tin Plated Steel (Office Environments) and Nickel Silver (Corrosion Environments), but 3G Shielding Specialties provides another 20+ materials in various thicknesses to meet your most demanding shielding requirements.

The amount of protons in the nucleus of heavier elements is relatively significant. As an outcome, the degree of attraction between the nucleus and the spinning electrons would be decisive. The electrons would spiral inward and fall into the nucleus. As a result, a shielding effect is required.

Because it is particularly efficient at attenuating magnetic and electrical waves, copper is the most dependable metal in EMI shielding. Copper is used efficiently in RFI shielding, from hospital MRI facilities to essential computer equipment.

We will be held liable for any customer complaints and will work with customers to resolve any problems they may experience.

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