PCB Shielding

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) need to be shielded from radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electrical design.

PCBs may retain signal integrity and stop undesirable noise or disturbance from impairing their performance by utilising shielding components and methods, such as metallic coatings or metal casings.

PCB Shielding Technology

Electronic equipment depends on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) shielding to ensure dependable and effective functioning by reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). 

Shielding is often accomplished by strategically positioning conductive materials, like metal foils or finishes, all around the PCB circuits. 

This shielding protects sensitive circuitry from interference from outside electromagnetic radiation, and PCB emissions are also contained. Signal integrity is maintained, noise is reduced, and electronic systems’ overall electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is improved with effective PCB shielding.

Choice of Shield Type


one piece pcb

One-piece RF shield

It is one solid metal enclosure that completely encloses and protects the PCB and all its components from radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) radiation.

Two-piece shield

This kind of shielding entails the placement of two distinct metal pieces on the PCB. The frame or base is the first component, and the removable cover that gives entry to the elements is the second. Unlike the one-piece shield, it is simpler to build and maintain.

Drawn RF shield

Drawn RF shields are made by stamping a flat piece of metal into a three-dimensional form that fits over the PCB. They are affordable, offer efficient EMI/RF shielding, and facilitate simple component access through gaps in the shield.

Surface-mounted shield(SMS)

Shields with a surface mount are tiny metal casings which can be soldered directly to the PCB interface and offer localised shielding for particular components or regions on the board.

MultivCAV shields

are intricate shielding systems with many sections (or "cavities") inside a single shield. By creating separate spaces for various PCB components, these compartments reduce interference between them.

SMT shield clips

Small metal clips known as SMT shield clips are surface-mounted onto PCBs and are used to retain and strengthen shields. They guarantee the shield and PCB mechanical stability and electrical connectivity.

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Custom PCB Shielding Cans Solution


To reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and guarantee correct operation, electronic devices must have PCB (Printed Circuit Board) shielding. The efficiency and dependability of electronic circuits are improved by employing efficient PCB shielding techniques like aluminium cans, metallic coverings, or magnetic stones to contain and restrict electromagnetic radiation.

Processes in the Design and Production Stage for Shield

The installation of steps to safeguard the board and its components from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) occurs throughout the design and production stages of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) shielding. In order to guarantee the PCB’s best performance and dependability in its intended use, this stage also involves careful choice and positioning of EMI shielding components, such as conductive paints or metal casings.


Type of board-level shielding

Metallic paints, aluminium walls, and conductive seals are a few examples of several kinds of board-level shielding methods. These shielding techniques protect against signal loss and interruption and guarantee the dependable performance of electronic parts.

Material for board-level shielding

Board-level shielding material selection is based on the needs of the application. Conductive metals like copper, aluminium, and stainless steel are often utilised materials because they offer great electrical insulation and shielding effectiveness. The right material should be chosen


Packaging of board-level shielding

Board-level shielding must be packaged properly to maintain its integrity and effectiveness. The shielded elements or circuits are often enclosed in a housing or protective enclosure as part of the packaging process. In order to avoid interference or emissions, the packaging design should take electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements into account as well as being accessible for repairs and maintenance and temperature control.


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