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Quality antennas are essential to ensuring dependable 4G antenna connectivity for the enterprise, despite being disregarded throughout solution design. We offer a 4G antenna in Haitong that will undoubtedly locate a suitable solution for that ideal 4G LTE antenna connection.

4G Antenna Technology

4G employs a technology known as MIMO, which stands for ‘Multiple Input Multiple Output’ when your modem uses two independent antennas simultaneously to give breakneck speeds. 4G antenna technology has been an essential component of 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks. Several improvements to the 4G antenna MIMO arrangement have been made in 4G networks to improve data speeds and signal quality.

4G Antenna For Your Choice


Directional 4G Antenna

Directional 4G Antenna

The use of a directional antenna improves 4G reception significantly. Just turning on a mast will align this antenna.

Cellular Internet Devices

External antenna ports are found on many 3G and 4G Internet devices. External antenna adapters are available for devices such as USB, hotspots, and MiFi. Several cellular 4G antenna for routers include standard external antenna connections.
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Omni-Directional 4G Antenna

Omni-Directional 4G Antenna

An omnidirectional 4G antenna is excellent if you currently have decent LTE reception and want to boost it even more.

Mobile Phones

With these 4G antennae are required for any mobile internet service. These 4G antennas are also appropriate for autos and unique directional antennas to improve signal reception from telecom masts.
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Custom 4G Antenna Solutions


Custom 4G antennas and solutions are available from Haitong. Our team of professionals can manage your 4G antenna project from start to end, from original design through manufacture and final testing.

Process In Design And Production Stage For 4G Antenna

We provide a detailed look at our approach during the design and production stages. This covers our engineering, prototyping, testing, and quality assurance procedures.


Antenna Manufacturing

Design Specification Proposal

The antenna is studied and adjusted in this stage to offer dual-band operation. This is the point at which the parasitic elements downsized antenna model is finished.

Antenna Manufacturing

Completed Designing and Simulation

Computer simulation is used to refine the basic design. For simulation and adjustments, electromagnetic simulation software is employed. As a result, modifying any antenna model parameters improves the antenna model.


Antenna Manufacturing

Final Testing and Production

The 4G antenna will be manufactured when the final design is completed. Several tests will be performed to guarantee that every component of the antenna is operational and of the highest quality.


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Haitong is a renowned antenna manufacturer and provider of antennas to wireless firms worldwide. We provide unique antenna designs, high-quality manufacturing, and consistent performance. Several of our goods include unique, patented designs exclusively available from Haitong. We can provide bespoke 4G antennas for particular purposes.

Agile Support

Our highly qualified solutions experts, customer service professionals, and sales rep partners provide global manufacturing support.

ISO Compliant

Haitong has been certified as ISO compliant. World-class manufacturing facilities support our technology, which serves a genuinely global client base.

Innovation in Service

We set the industry standard for new product debuts. Our engineers are constantly working to optimize our timing, RF, connection, and power design and production processes.

Aftersales Service

You may also contact our support staff after making your purchase. We promise that our products, services, and solutions are among the best on the market.

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These antennas aid in the enhancement of the 4G/LTE signal. This is very handy for Internet of Things devices. These 4G antennas make use of MIMO technology.

We recommend that you verify your 4G signal quality to ensure that you have enough inside and 4g antenna outdoor signal quality. An outside antenna is advised if you have a modest outdoor 4G signal, and an inside 4G antenna is recommended if you have a weak or poor indoor 4G signal.

WIFI and 4G are two different technologies. To utilize both or either, you must have an antenna for each, or one that has both or just one built in.

LTE and 4G networks were launched around the same time, although 4G is faster than LTE and better suited for IoT. LTE and fourth-generation (4G) networks were mainly released around the same time and are frequently promoted jointly.

MIMO, also known for ‘Multiple Input Multiple Output,’ is a technique used by 4G that allows your modem to use two independent antennas simultaneously to give superfast speeds.

In other words, directional solid antennas can provide consistent 4G/LTE coverage in remote regions for up to 40km.

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