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Are you looking for a high premium 5.8 GHz antenna product on your excellent signal frequency? Here at Haitong, we have this kind of antenna with a true high-performance antenna that makes no compromise regarding performance. Keep browsing to know more!

5.8ghz Antenna Technology

Haitong pride itself on the innovations we have brought to the industry. We are on the leading edge of 5.8 GHz antenna development, giving you the latest technologies helping to ensure the completion of your mission. With a broad range of in-stock connectivity products across multiple technology categories, our wired, wireless, and specialty solutions help thousands of businesses stay connected.

5.8ghz Antenna For Your Choice


Dipole Antenna

Dipole Antenna

Dipole antennas often described as rubber ducky antennas, are simple instead, some coax wire with a metal case on end to broadcast or catch the signal.


5.8GHZ ISM is an excellent choice for the high frequencies 2.4GHz frequency. This spectrum comprises four RF bands: 5.1, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.8GHz, for 24 non-overlapping stations separated by 20MHz.
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Circular Polarized

Circular polarized antennas have three or four-lobed, providing significantly higher reception than dipole antennas. These are also known as skew-planar or omnidirectional antennas since they can broadcast and receive equally effectively in all directions.

5.8GHZ UNII Long Distance Backhaul

5.8GHZ UNII Long Distance Backhaul a unique polarization adjustment permits simply switching from horizontal to vertical polarization and can be done on the tower without disassembling the antenna.
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Helical antenna 5.8 ghz

Helical antenna 5.8 ghz

5 8ghz Helical antennas are spring-shaped and offer higher transmission than circular polarized antennas. Nevertheless, they have a narrower beam and perform best when the antenna is toward the transmitting antenna.

5.8GHZ Wireless LAN Systems

5.8GHZ Wireless LAN Systems are frequently used in WiFi and W-Lan applications that employ dual-frequency routers capable of switching between 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks.
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Patch Antenna

Patch Antenna

Patch antennas are similarly directional because they function better when facing the transmitting antenna. Patch and helical antennas are fantastic if you have a longer-range setup (lower than 5.8 GHz) and are flying an aircraft or multirotor straight away from you.

Radio Local Networks

Radio Local Networks transmit and receive radio frequency energy from all points around a vertical antenna. It is a different type of antenna from directional antennas, which guide radio frequency waves in a specified direction.
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Custom 5.8ghz Antenna Solutions


Haitong offers one-stop solutions for design, production, testing, etc. We make every effort to supply you with high-quality 5 8 GHz antenna equipment. After you’ve tried us out, you’ll want to return because we have reasonable rates, exceptional quality, and the most remarkable customer service in the industry.

Process In Design And Production Stage For 5 8 GHz Antenna

Haitong gives you an in-depth look at the method we use during the design and manufacturing stages. This covers our research, prototypes, manufacturing, and product testing approaches.


Antenna Manufacturing

Proposing Design Specification

In this step, the antenna is analyzed and optimized to provide double-band operation. This is where the parasitic elements miniaturized antenna model is completed.

Antenna Manufacturing

Antenna Configuration

The printed circuit board was used to manufacture the antenna prototype, whose design model has been finished and whose performance parameters have been projected.


Antenna Manufacturing

Gain and Directivity Test

A few frequencies have been chosen, and the gain and directivity efficiency figures are shown locally. It is tiny because the dual-band quality allows two separate antennas to execute this function.


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Most Popular Questions


The 5.8 GHz antenna is a coax cable dipole antenna with an omnidirectional radiation pattern and an efficiency of more than 70% from 5150 to 5850 MHz.

The 5.8 GHz radio can handle data rates of up to 1300 Mbps. That’s a significant difference in wireless speed. Most gadgets use the 2.4 GHz frequency in your house, such as cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, garage door openers, and even baby monitors.

No? 5.8GHz antennas are tuned to that frequency. 2.4GHz frequencies are adjusted for 2.4GHz frequencies and reduced to the proper frequency length.

Transmission at 2.4 GHz has a more excellent range but is slower, but anything over 5 GHz limits coverage but increases data transmission speed. The higher frequencies of 5.8 GHz further restrict the content.

When it refers to the optimal frequency for mini-quads, 5.8 GHz, the most you can hope for is 500 meters. But this means you’re flying in optimum conditions, with nothing between you and your drone.

The standard antenna width for 5.8 GHz is 12.9 mm.

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