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Computer Antenna Technology

The use of various types of antennas in projection systems to broadcast, receive, and process wireless signals is known as desktop computer antenna technology. It is utilized for a variety of communication operations, including internet access, streaming video, audio transmission, and so on. 

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Computer Antenna Patch

Patch Antennas

Patch antennas could be mounted vertically or horizontally, flat against a wall or ceiling. The distinctive shape of the antenna allows the wire to emerge from the device's side or rear, making it suitable for installation when the connection must be hidden.
Video Devices- Video receivers employ an FM carrier in the band to transport signals from closed-circuit television and satellite television from one room to the next.
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Computer Antenna Yagi antenna Bluetooth

Yagi antenna

Your directional WLAN applications will benefit from Yagi antenna options. These directional Yagi antenna systems offer accurate transmission due to their small radio beam widths.
Bluetooth- It was once restricted to specialized equipment, but it is now found in various products, including trackballs, trackpads, wireless mice and keyboards, and wearables.
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We create the computer antennas customers want using cutting-edge technology and design innovations. Haitong computer antenna solutions are one-of-a-kind, high-performance, tiny, and affordable. They use advanced computer antenna design and measurement technologies to ensure accurate and fast commercialization.

Process In Design And Production Stage For Computer Antenna

Throughout the various phases of an enhanced product design cycle, the computer antenna must be able to reply quickly to the question of how many of what sort of antennae should be placed where in the device to have adequate communication linkages.



The antenna design for the transmission line model is a rough approximation. The original antenna design determines the effective dielectric constant of the air-substrate and air multilayer. A rectangular microstrip antenna's design features are computed.

Computer Antenna Assembly

The injection molded components are then placed in the LDS machine and laser-activated to create the anThe fundamental design is refined with the use of computer simulation. Changing any antenna model parameter so improves the antenna model.tenna patterns.


Final Output

After the final output is ready, the computer antenna will be built. Numerous tests will be carried out to ensure that every antenna component is functional and of the best quality.


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Nhait company provides professional custom design, using various ways of antenna design and art antenna to achieve better than the industry’s ability to develop and process antenna projects in answer to the portable antenna-related sectors’ desire. To meet client requests and other aspects as the core, we provide all-around antenna greatest options for different mobile desktop computers.

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Our experts will be accessible to answer at all times throughout office hours. We, too, send updates at each stage of the process to keep you informed of an order's status.

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Automated manufacturing, reduced raw materials, high material yield, and elimination of manual labor all contribute to lower production costs.

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Buying many design versions shortens the time to market and accelerates the validation process.

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We are dedicated to providing high-quality, dependable computer antennas that fulfill the demands of our customers. Our antennas are developed and produced to meet the most stringent safety and durability requirements, delivering a long-lasting and trustworthy solution.

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Antennas should all point vertically out of the sensor and be aligned in the same direction. If you install the sensor flat on its back on a horizontal surface, bend the antenna as near to the sensor housing as possible to get the most antenna pointing vertically.

Antennas are essential components of wireless local area networks (WLAN). They help the wireless signal we use to surf the web, watch movies, work from home, and play video games. Moreover, they influence signal intensity and range.

By connecting a TV tuner to your computer, you can connect a conventional television antenna and watch free, over-the-air TV broadcasts on your computer. Several tuners also support Android smartphones. There are two sorts of TV tuners: USB and add-on cards.

The antennae on your card and the router should be nearly parallel. As a result, if they are both on the same floor, they will be vertical.

If you want to utilize an antenna with your monitor, you’ll need to use an external TV tuner to translate the signal from the antenna into something the display can comprehend. Sadly, we do not stock a tuner that allows us to connect the antenna directly to a monitor.

Absolutely. Although installing and using PC antenna wifi on computers is the most prevalent, it is not the only alternative to explore. The benefit of this sort of antenna is that most of them function as a USB adaptor. As a result, they may be used with any computer with a suitable port.

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