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Nhait is a prominent manufacturer of die-casting moulds renowned for our skill in creating moulds of the highest calibre. Nhait produces custom moulds to its client’s specifications, emphasising efficiency and precision, resulting in seamless die-casting operations.

Die-casting Mould Capabilities


Unmarried Cavity Mould

Unmarried Cavity Mould

A die-casting mould with only one cavity that can produce one part every casting cycle, making it ideal for designing prototypes or large workpiece products.

Numerous Cavity Mould

Numerous Cavity Mould

his kind of die-casting mould has numerous cavities that enable the concurrent manufacture of multiple pieces in each casting cycle, increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness for big workpiece products.

Combination Die Mould

Combination Die Mould

A combination die mould combines the advantages of both single and multiple cavity moulds, enabling the manufacturing of several parts within the same casting cycle while keeping some degree of versatility and individualisation.

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Custom Die-casting Mould Solution


Introducing our innovative custom die-casting mould solution, where efficacy and accuracy meet. We deliver customised moulds that optimise production, improve product quality, and shorten time-to-market for various sectors thanks to our in-depth knowledge of die-casting techniques and modern technology.

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Application industry and case

High-quality materials like steel or iron are frequently used to create die-casting moulds. These materials are chosen for their longevity, temperature resistance, and capacity to keep intricate geometries, which enables the manufacture of high-quality and exact castings.


Zinc Alloy

Zinc alloy is a material that is frequently used in die casting because of its low melting temperature, great elasticity, and exceptional dimensional rigidity, which make it appropriate for producing delicate and exact components.

Magnesium Alloy

Magnesium alloy is a flexible material with high thermal conductivity, outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, and high castability. it is perfect for die-casting operations that call for strong, compact parts.

Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium is a lightweight substance frequently employed for die-casting moulds, particularly for experimentation or small-scale production. It is suitable for straightforward and less challenging casting applications because it has good thermal conductivity, is simple to machine, and is inexpensive.

Titanium Alloy

Titanium alloy is utilised in die-casting for areas where extraordinary durability and toughness are required, particularly in the aviation and automotive sectors. It is noted for its exceptional durability, anti-corrosion properties, and reduced thickness.
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Nhait stands out as a dependable and trustworthy option for die-casting mould production. With our extensive industry knowledge and dedication to producing high-quality moulds, we offer specialised solutions to match your unique requirements, assuring accuracy, robustness, and economic efficiency for your die-casting procedures.

Innovative Thinking

We promote a culture of continual development and look for new ways to increase the effectiveness and performance of our die-casting moulds.

Extensive Support

Our devoted customer service staff is always on hand to solve any questions or problems you may have, from the initial consultation through post-sales help.

Industry Name

As a result of our solid standing in the manufacturing of die-casting moulds, we have earned a reputation for dependability and client satisfaction.

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We are a die-casting mould manufacturer, and we specialise in producing excellent moulds for various industries. We are dedicated to delivering precision-engineered solutions that satisfy the unique requirements of our clients using our knowledge and cutting-edge facilities, assuring effective and dependable die-casting production processes.

Material Flexibility

You may work with a variety of materials and get the results you want because our die-casting moulds are made to accept different materials.

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We recognise the value of timely delivery, and our well-oiled production and logistical processes guarantee that your die-casting moulds will be delivered on schedule.

Experience and Knowledge

Our talented staff has years of industry experience, and they provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise to produce high-performance die-casting moulds.

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