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Searching for a PAD antenna that is used to extend the range of cell phones and data cards? Look no further! Here at Haitong, we offer a premium class of PAD antenna that can help you. Feel free to visit our website and contact us. Get a quote today!

PAD Antenna Technology

Haitong, as a pad antenna manufacturer, has sophisticated pad antenna technology that immediately answers client needs for more incredible shrinking or increased functions and provides opportunities in areas such as smart watches, semiconductors, and automotive electronics.

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pad antennas -cellphone


Consumer-based products of pad antennas centered on extending cellphones and data card range. These types of antennas are visually seen in the market.


The Internet of Things/IoT antenna is used in a communication medium linked to one another.
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Automotive- PAD antenn


Automotive-based products of pad antennas focused on electrical auto parts. These antennas are usually used on the custom vehicular electric systems of auto units.

Connected Vehicle.

Vehicular antennas are antennas used for telecommunications and direct communication between vehicles to vehicles.
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Pad antennas under industrial consumption are antennas that are used in the construction field. These antennas are built to provide features for smart city applications.

Smart Cities.

This kind of pad antenna application provides a state of the art technologies that enhance city productivity through signal processing, tracking, etc.
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Custom PAD Antenna Solutions


Haitong offers the most comprehensive range with the highest availability in the world. We offer custom PADs antenna with increased flexibility and maximum reliability. Our company has a one-stop solution, production, and service to handle your inquiries and orders quickly and reliably.

Process In Design And Production Stage For PAD Antenna

To fulfill your application’s mechanical limits, we provide various manufacturing process PAD antenna solutions. We develop and produce antennas that meet the most stringent operational specifications, and we pioneer innovative embedded antenna systems.


PAD Antenna Designing

The PAD antenna determines the effective dielectric constant of the air-substrate and air multilayer. The design characteristics of a rectangular microstrip antenna are calculated. The transmission line model's first antenna design is a preliminary approximation.

PAD 3D Printing

It is a printing technique that uses a silicone pad to transfer a two-dimensional picture onto a three-dimensional object.


Production and Testing

The PAD antenna will be manufactured when the final design is completed. Several tests will be performed to guarantee that every component of the antenna is operational and of the highest quality.


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Haitong is a prominent technology company with years of expertise in delivering solutions like PAD antennas. Haitong’s success in finding and creating comprehensive solutions with some of the most creative organizations is backed up by the fact that we also deliver solutions to particular vertical markets nationally and worldwide.


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Most Popular Questions


Cellphones and data cards utilize these antennas to enhance their range. Depending on the frequency band, the antenna offers a gain of up to 14dBi. In addition to the antenna gain, they put the antenna outside the building, resulting in a system gain of at least 10dB over tiny built-in antennas.
Pad printing is also ideal for printing on irregular forms. This is also true if you print on a 3D or uneven surface. Pad printing is fast, inexpensive, and suitable for producing high-quality, tiny prints.
Decent signal strength is typically between 60 and 65dBuV. You may look for the closest transmitters and signal strength from your location.
To view free-to-air channels on your TV, you’ll need to get a Digital HDTV antenna and connect it to your set. You might use an analog antenna but expect signal problems.
No, Here at Haitong we don’t have a required order quantity. Just contact us and one of our sales staff will inform you about your order.
Here at Haitong, we accept bank-to-bank transactions and Paypal transactions for your easy sending of the payment.
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Do you need help choosing the best products? Our staff is standing by to assist you; contact us today, and we’ll help you find what you’re searching for!

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Still Need Help?
Do you need help choosing the best products? Our staff is standing by to assist you; contact us today, and we’ll help you find what you’re searching for!

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Suppose you have any queries regarding our products. In that case, our professionals assist you in word and action regardless of frequency range or PAD antenna. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sample Test

Each of our customers may rely on us to deliver high-quality antennas. To ensure quality, our quality assurance team performs sample testing at various stages of manufacture.

Custom Solution

We include various antennas to guarantee that customers get the right type and style of antenna for their needs and standards.

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