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Mobile phone antenna is a small component that receives and emits electromagnetic radiation in a phone.

Every day, when you’re using your smartphone to communicate, send and receive texts, play online games, and so on, you must do so with the phone antenna transmitting and receiving signals. Phone antennas vary from other antennas in that they are small, highly integrated, conformal, concealed, multi-band, and so on.

Nhait can provide antenna customization services for a wide range of mobile terminals by leveraging our years of professional expertise and highly experienced in phone antenna technology.

Phone Antenna Technology

Nhait has a vast staff of certified professional engineers and a selection of transmission testing equipment to develop mobile phones and different mobile station antennas for clients.

We can test and design devices for WiFi, GNSS, GPS, UMTS, and all “g” communication technologies from 2G to 5G. These antennas can aid in interacting with numerous communication equipment, offering users practical and dependable connections.

Phone Antenna For Your Choice


Wideband 690-2700 MHz Log Periodic Antenna - 8-10dB Gain

Wideband 690-2700 MHz Log Periodic Antenna - 8-10dB Gain

A wideband log periodic antenna performs admirably on all main wireless provider frequencies and GPS, Wi-Fi, and WiMax frequencies.
LTE- Utilizing modern encoding methods, 4G or LTE can already treble the output of 3G to reach 100 Mb/s, allowing for usage such as "video" calls or live TV while on the road.
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Wideband 800-2500 MHz Log Periodic Antenna - 10dB Gain

Wideband 800-2500 MHz Log Periodic Antenna - 10dB Gain

This type of antenna provides exceptional signal-pulling power for permanent locations with previously limited options.
Wi-Fi- Phone WIFI antennae are now found on almost every cell phone. WIFI frequencies are the maximum of the device's frequencies. WIFI frequencies are separated into 2400-2484 MHz (including Bluetooth) and 5150-5850 MHz.
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Multi-Band 698-1000 and 1700-2700 MHz Panel Antenna - 7-10dB Gain (1)

Multi-Band 698-1000 and 1700-2700 MHz Panel Antenna - 7-10dB Gain

Multi-band antennas operate well on all main wireless carrier frequencies and Wi-Fi and WiMax frequencies.
WLAN Antennas are essential components of wireless local area networks (WLAN). They help the wireless signal we use to surf the web, watch movies, work from home, and play video games. Moreover, they influence signal intensity and range.
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Yagi 700 MHz 4G LTE Antenna - 6dB Gain

Yagi 700 MHz 4G LTE Antenna - 6dB Gain

A good Yagi antenna for the 700 MHz bands may be used for 4G LTE, SMH bands, point to multipoint, and public safety. A larger beamwidth, 6dB gain, and a durable powder-coated finish give exceptional corrosion resistance and lifespan in the roughest situations.
RFID ("Radio Frequency Identification") is a contactless radio frequency technique. It enables automatic detection at more considerable reading distances than NFC.
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Wideband Yagi 880-960 MHz Antenna - 14dB Gain

Wideband Yagi 880-960 MHz Antenna - 14dB Gain

Like its LTE counterpart, a wideband Yagi has a broad frequency range, increased gain, and a tough powder-coated finish. GSM 900, ISM, CMTS, and DSRR are examples of applications. This antenna has a high front-to-back ratio, which helps to prevent undesirable signals.
WiMAX is a relatively new wireless network gaining steam in many nations worldwide. New antennas are required for it daily.
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Custom Phone Antenna Solutions


Nhait provides a one-stop solution, including design, production, and testing. Each antenna is individually tested before leaving our manufacturing facility. We offer free technical consultation, exchange, training, and antenna selection.

Process In Design And Production Stage For Phone Antenna

We provide various production process phone antenna solutions to match your application’s mechanical restrictions. We develop and produce antennas that meet the most demanding operational standards and pioneer bespoke embedded antenna solutions.


Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)

Direct laser structuring (LDS) antenna and product technology can save critical space in your application by combining high-frequency, mechanical, and electrical functions into a single component.

FPC Antenna Assembly

FPC Antenna Assembly

A flexible printed circuit (FPC) antenna is assembled onto a molded plastic carrier, both manually and automatically.


Speaker Acoustic Module

Speaker Acoustic Module

Haitong can develop, assemble, and test speaker acoustic modules in-house (SAMs). The antenna and acoustic chamber are designed as a single unit.


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We are constantly releasing new products with sophisticated technology. We are committed to growing our existing variety of antennas and inventing custom-made solutions to guarantee Haitong continues to supply high-quality, cost-effective phone antennas with exceptional performance to our loyal clients.

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Since we cherish our clients, Haitong aims to fulfill your bespoke packaging as fast as feasible. We provide short-term techniques, design methodologies, and an automated manufacturing line.

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We offer various services, including original customization, delivery, and comprehensive product support.

Customer First

Our group exists to assist dealers in providing more services. Every decision we make and assess outcome depends on how effectively it benefits our clients.

ISO Certified

Haitong is committed to moving forward and providing the best quality benefit anticipated from manufacturing. Consequently, we are happy to hold the globally recognized ISO accreditation.

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Antennas are a critical component of every cellular phone or wireless system. An antenna in a wireless system transforms guided radio wave energy (such as a television signal going in a coaxial cable) to power that is released or “radiated” into free space.

Wireless Local Area Networks, or WLAN, are called WiFi. These networks are often found in homes, workplaces, coffee shops, restaurants, and elsewhere. WiFi antennas are not tuned to the same frequencies as phone antennas.

They merely boost and redistribute existing cell signals. They also need to improve the standard wifi in your home provided by your router. They increase your phone’s internet speed by enhancing your mobile password.

But what about the areas with low network coverage and weak wifi connections? Hence, for a low cell coverage region, a quality cell phone antenna booster that can improve the poorer coverage area for several cell phones simultaneously is well worth the cost.

Loop Antenna They have a frequency of roughly 3 GHz and are commonly employed in communication networks. These antennas can also be utilized in microwave bands as electromagnetic field probes. The circumference of the loop antenna influences its efficiency, as it does with dipole and monopole antennas.

Although most modern phones’ antennas are incorporated into the protective case, they are still breakable. A malfunctioning cell phone antenna might be caused by frequent drops or jostling. This can result in various issues, including static, poor reception, lost calls, delayed downloads, and weak wireless connections.

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