Top 12 RF Antenna Manufacturers 2023

Looking for the most excellent RF antenna manufacturer for your TV, radio, computer, and GPS? This article will give you the most comprehensive list of RF antenna manufacturers, which may greatly benefit your company or upcoming projects.

The antenna, which transmits and receives signals to and from radios and other devices, is made of metal or another conductive substance. Antennas, often known as radio antennas or RF antennas, are transducers that transform electrical signals into radio waves or radio waves into electrical signals. These days, antennas are needed by an increasing number of gadgets. Devices like computers, radios, mobile phones, and televisions all employ RF antennas. RF antennas are also used in wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

RF Antenna Manufacturers

Market Overview

From 2010 to 2037, there is predicted to be strong growth in the global RF antenna market. It generated a total of US$ 18 billion in 2015; by 2027, it is expected to generate US$ 67 billion. The global RF antenna market is anticipated to grow by 23% yearly due to high-end investments in the telecommunications sector and the spike in demand for mobile phones. The adoption of 3G and 4G LTE technologies and the planned rollout of 5G technology provide opportunities for the worldwide RF antenna market to grow favorably. Additional features, including real-time inventory and delivery information, will drive the worldwide RF antenna market through 2027 with a CAGR of 4.8%.

Leading RF Antenna Manufacturer

Listed below are some of the top-performing manufacturer-suppliers of RF antennae in the industry. They all come with different technology, fields, and expertise depending on the quality, types, and specifications your business or project needs. Browse and assess these manufacturers and pick your ideal RF antenna provider.

PCTEL RF Antenna

PCTEL RF Antenna

The high-quality antenna products produced by PCTEL are the company’s main selling points. Over 100 patents and hundreds of products have been created by PCTEL throughout its close to 30-year existence. These products fall into three categories: antenna products, industrial IoT connectivity solutions, and test and measurement. We offer a variety of antenna products, including WiFi & Bluetooth, cellular, ISM, LoRa, LPWAN, GPS & GNSS, and public safety antennas.

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Pulse Electronics RF Antenna

Pulse Electronics RF Antenna

Antennas, connectors, wire harnesses, power supplies, power and network magnetics, and current sensing are just a few examples of the passive electrical components offered by Pulse Electronics. The international clientele of the business includes industry titans in the communications, computing, consumer, industrial, Internet of Things, and transportation sectors. Pulse’s products are used in various applications, including hybrid and electric vehicles, 5G cellular networks, smart grids, wearable technologies, lighting, mobile phones, data centers, wireless charging, industrial automation equipment, and security.

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Nhait RF Antenna

Nhait RF Antenna

The Nhait team can handle your RF antenna needs, including practically every RF antenna design. With the aid of this technology, we can offer numerous unique solutions for various purposes. Engineers and technicians at Nhait can assist you if you need assistance creating a customized design. Their team specializes in designing, producing, and testing all types of RF antennas for various applications, including RADAR, cellular and wireless communication systems, cellular and satellite communications (SATCOM), and military radio systems.

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Taoglas RF Antenna

Taoglas RF Antenna

Taoglas’ solutions integrate cutting-edge parts and technology to help OEMs, companies, and communities deal with the challenges of quickly and economically bringing digital transformation solutions to the market. The company specializes in developing best-in-class high-performance antenna and RF designs with cutting-edge positioning, imaging, and audio capabilities. Taoglas has expertise in integrating and selling incredibly complex technology solutions. Taoglas has experience with connected healthcare, smart cities, intelligent buildings, and transportation. Taoglas provides top-notch design, consulting, engineering, support, and test facilities worldwide.

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First RF Antenna

First RF Antenna

FIRST RF is a leader in cutting-edge technology, focusing on antennas and radio frequency (RF) systems. They are a dynamic group of accomplished engineers with access to top-notch facilities and resources. They provide their customers with concept-to-deployment support through two complementary divisions: FIRST RF Technologies Division and FIRST RF Products Division.

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Abracon RF Antenna

Abracon RF Antenna

Abracon, a market leader in passive components, offers connectivity solutions, RF and antennas, inductors, frequency control, timing devices, and inductors through a global distribution network. Abracon is a multinational corporation with sales, engineering, and operations teams in Spicewood, Texas. With a focus on customer service, technological expertise, and quality, Abracon supports the brands AEL Crystals, Ecliptek, Fox, ILSI, and ProAnt for the telecommunications, transportation, industrial, medical, consumer, and aerospace sectors. We offer cutting-edge, networked IoT solutions to various industries, including defense. One of the top eight antenna makers in the world is this company.

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Antenova RF Antenna

Antenova RF Antenna

Antenova offers a broad selection of antennas that is continually growing to meet the demanding requirements of contemporary wireless connectivity. Major system integrators and module vendors choose Antenova as their antenna supplier. For wireless M2M, IoT, and embedded electronic applications, their commercial antenna solutions offer high efficiency, low power consumption, and dependable performance needed. The business ranks among the top nine antenna producers in the world.

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Linx Technologies RF Antenna

Linx Technologies RF Antenna

Linx Technologies turns every engineer into a Record TimeTM hero by minimizing designers’ risks, delays, and technical challenges when wirelessly connecting their products to the Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s slogan is Wireless Made SimpleTM, which means they specialize in facilitating access to the complex world of radio frequencies for engineers of all skill levels. They have built every aspect of their product, including the documentation, support, and design process, to be Wireless and Made Simple, in contrast to other wireless carriers.

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Laird Connectivity RF Antenna

Laird Connectivity RF Antenna

Laird Connectivity has a sizable internal antenna portfolio for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas from Laird Connectivity are available in various designs designed to save space, improve performance, and offer flexible placement. Leading international brands hire Laird Connectivity to supply customer antennas. They have technical expertise in small-form-factor high-efficiency antenna design, product placement and optimization, and multi-band antenna solutions. As a 5G antenna manufacturer, Laird Connectivity is setting the standard for specialized IoT, Wi-Fi, and cellular development.

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Molex RF Antenna

Molex RF Antenna

Molex turnkey RF antennas are small, high-performing, and offered in various form factors for all standard antenna protocols and frequencies. Molex’s integrated antennae make integrating communication technologies like WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi into devices simple and quick. Comparatively, ultra-thin ceramic and LDS/MID antennas connect small gadgets to the Internet and data.

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Johanson RF Antenna

Johanson RF Antenna

Johanson small RF ceramic chip antennas are made using Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC) Technology, which enables the incorporation of both high and low dielectric constants inside the antenna. They can demonstrate exceptional temperature stability and high detuning resilience as a result. Their ceramic chip antennas offer outstanding dependability and adaptability while maintaining performance standards set by the industry. Standard or small form-factor designs or applications, such as miniature Bluetooth, ZigBee, ISM, and WLAN antennas, can be produced using SMD. These antennas may be easily adjusted to any unique PCB environment.

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Arrow RF Antenna

Arrow RF Antenna

Arrow Electronics drives innovation for more than 210,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers. They¬†create technological solutions that advance daily living and business, with projected revenues of $37 billion in 2022. Arrow’s extensive portfolio covers the whole technology landscape. It enables customers to design, manufacture, and oversee cutting-edge products like RF antennas, making technology’s advantages available to as many people as possible.

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Factors to Consider in Choosing your suitable RF Antenna Manufacturer

Pick a business that offers quality control through cutting-edge end-of-line production techniques. A quality manufacturing supplier results in a quality final product. Here are a few key things to consider when selecting an RF antenna manufacturer.

Factors to Consider in Choosing your suitable RF Antenna Manufacturer

Dedicated Team

To assist with your integration efforts, look for a skilled group of project managers, industrial designers, and antenna designers. As important as the manufacturing capacity of any potential antenna manufacturing partner is the first-rate, knowledgeable support crew.

Rapid Prototyping

Critical measurements and prototypes should be made as early as possible in the antenna design phase to ensure the successful manufacturing of the finished product. Rapid prototyping requires all the necessary equipment to quickly produce a scale antenna model using 3D computer-aided design (CAD), ideally a complete machine shop.


Choose a contract satellite antenna manufacturer with a proven track record of performance, can expand to meet your needs, and has knowledge of your volume requirements. Even the most effective antenna designs are only helpful if they can be made in a high-quality, economical way. A well-thought-out strategy, a tried-and-true manufacturing process, and end-of-line test equipment are required for reproducible antenna performance in production.

Localized Testing

It saves a lot of time, avoids delays, and assures that your antenna performs above and beyond expectations to have a design and manufacturing business that can test and certify RF antenna performance and regulatory compliance in-house.

Factors to Consider when Choosing RF Antenna

To integrate an different types of antennas, modern electronics require a combination of expertise and precise calculations. In the ever-changing world of today, it would be best to have a complete understanding of RF technologies and the numerous kinds of antennas. Here are the top five things to consider when choosing a new RF antenna.


RF Antennas Technology

Antennas for wireless systems must also support various frequencies, which adds another layer of complexity. When considering RF antennas, multiple technologies such as Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Cellular communication, and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) must be optimized.

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

Resistance is evaluated between impedance and AC and is classified into two types: voltage standing wave ratio and return loss. The antenna’s power reflection can be determined using VSWR. A lower VSWR causes the current across the antenna to be more significant.

Efficiency and Performance

Productivity is the crucial RF antenna standard. When the transmission is finished, it displays the intensity applied to an antenna. The durability of smaller, battery-powered gadgets depends on achieving proficient execution.

Losses and Gains

Gain plays a significant role in determining how well an antenna receives signals. The better the growth and the more precise the signal, the higher the decibel. Power and payment are not the same; payment is also called wattage.


How well does the RF antenna you’ve selected fit your needs? There is a ton of testing, even when the requirements surpass expectations. Technical as well as design considerations necessitate RF testing.


This page lists established RF antenna manufacturers, background knowledge on RF antennas, and advice on choosing the best manufacturer and provider. A good manufacturer means having suitable, high-quality antennas, and selecting a good manufacturer is an important choice since it will impact both your and your company’s future.

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