Top 12 RF Shielding Companies and Suppliers in 2023

Looking for an RF shielding manufacturer that can support your business or future projects? We have listed the industry’s best RF shielding suppliers to inform you what you are looking for. This article will help you narrow down your long list and settle to browse the companies we enumerated.

Radiofrequency shielding is a method for preventing radio frequency electromagnetic impulses that cause radio frequency interference (RFI). Your gadget’s electrical circuits could break down due to radio frequency interference. To remove electronic circuits, cable lines, potential sources, and victims of electromagnetic fields from the surrounding environment, RF shielding is done by erecting barriers made of conductive and magnetic materials.

Market Overview

The global market for RF shielding is anticipated to reach $9.2 billion by 2028 and increase at a pace of 5.7 GR. RF shielding techinque is a procedure for insulating fragile mechanical components from radio frequency interference (RFI). Airborne RFI is absorbed by shields covering conductive coatings, metals, and laminates comprised of copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. It also reduces oxidation and corrosion, using magnetic or conductive barriers to block electromagnetic forces inside the physical realm, and reduces oxidation and corrosion. As a result, they are frequently utilized in many different industries, such as the automobile, military, aerospace, telecommunications, and information technology.

Leading RF Shielding Company

You can investigate and rank the top RF Shield producers using our list’s in-depth product descriptions and ad samples. Any RF shielding producer can create, design, and produce it to suit their requirements.

Omega RF Shielding

Omega RF Shielding

Omega Shielding Products, established in 1983, is the industry leader in high-performance metal-stamped fingerstick EMI RFI shielding systems. Omega offers a wide range of EMI gaskets, rings, and other products to suit your needs and has been an ISO9001-certified EMI and RFI shielding product manufacturer since 2008. Omega Shielding Products maintains a sizable inventory in addition to the highest standards of customer satisfaction and product quality.

Omega Shielding Products Official Website:

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Omega Shielding Products RF Shielding:

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Nhait RF Shielding

Nhait RF Shielding

With a sophisticated plant furnished with cutting-edge production tools and testing equipment, Nhait is a well-known manufacturer of communication electronics components in China. From RF shielding in telecom to practically every RF shield design, the Nhait team has you covered. With the aid of this technology, they can offer numerous unique solutions for various purposes. Nhait engineers and experts can assist you if you need assistance creating a specific design.

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Spira RF Shielding

Spira RF Shielding

Using Spira Manufacturing Corporation for EMI/RF shielding would be best. Their workforce works around the clock to produce personalized products to keep your company running effectively. Customers have trusted Spira, with over thirty (30) years of experience as a top manufacturer of EMI shielding devices. It’s easy to see why. Visit Spira Manufacturing’s website at their business or contact one of their helpful customer service representatives right now for additional details on how to join or get started with them.

Spira Manufacturing Corporation Official Website:

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Spira RF Shielding:

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Sealing Devices RF Shielding

Sealing Devices RF Shielding

O-rings, gaskets, RF shields, sponge cell foams, gore vents, molded rubbers, adhesives, sealants, and more are just a few of the items offered by Sealing Devices Inc. Many of their items are made on demand to meet particular specifications. Early in a project, Sealing Devices offers unmatched client support for material development. All of their staff members have received training and are eager to address your inquiries. Feel free to get in touch with them. They are available to talk about any of your sealing and application requirements.

Sealing Devices Inc. Official Website:

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Sealing Devices Inc. Other products:

Air Flex RF Shielding

Air Flex RF Shielding

EMI shielding, RFI shielding, electrical circuits, flexible wire assemblies, mil-spec wiring, bespoke fittings, backshell adapters, and more are among the 60 years’ worth of products that Air/Flex Industries has been producing and stocking. We can ship things that are in stock on the same day thanks to their substantial inventory. There is a complete his machine shop that allows for unique applications. The production process is constant from start to end, including for prototypes and both large and small series. Air Flex industries’ entire product line is created in the USA.

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Creative Material RF Shielding

Creative Material RF Shielding

Creative Materials is an ISO 9001-compliant company based in Ayer, Massachusetts, that custom formulates conductive coatings and inks for EMI/RFI shielding. Their product line includes many items for use in the medical industry and various other markets. Contact Creative Materials today for your EMI/RFI shielding needs.

Creative Materials Incorporated Official Website:

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Creative Materials Incorporated RF shielding:

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Craddock RF Shielding

Craddock RF Shielding

Craddock Finishing is a 4th generation family company supplying painted cases and subassemblies to OEMs. Color application has always been an integral part of the manufacturing process. Craddock Finishing is a contract manufacturing painter/finisher of innovative coatings using technologically advanced processes. Coating capabilities include water, solvent, powder, conductive (EMI/RFI), and fluoropolymer systems on plastic, ferrous, and non-ferrous substrates.

Craddock Finishing Corp Official Website:

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East Coast RF Shielding

East Coast RF Shielding

East Coast Shielding EMI Shielding, EMI Gasket Products, RFI Materials, Shielding Materials, Gaskets & Stamping Materials serve a variety of businesses and applications, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Commercial Electronics, Case Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, etc. Perfect for the military, etc. East Coast Shielding has been supplying quality parts and materials for nearly a decade, and the expertise of their highly trained and certified staff stretches back over 20 years.

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Davlyn RF Shielding

Davlyn RF Shielding

High-temperature gaskets, thermal protection textile products, and RFI/EMI shielding are produced by award-winning company Davlyn for the consumer, commercial, and industrial markets. Davlyn not only leads the industry in industrial fire sleeves, fiberglass rope and sleeve products, and specialized high-temperature gasket solutions but also is the world’s top supplier of oven seals for kitchen appliances.

Davlyn Manufacturing Co., Inc. Official Website:

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Stockwell Elacstomers RF Shielding

Stockwell Elacstomers RF Shielding

Stockwell Elastomerics make custom silicone gaskets, pads, and other elastomeric parts to meet the strict specifications of the technology equipment industry. Custom silicone rubber, silicone sponge, silicone foam, fluorosilicone, and PORON cellular urethane gaskets, pads, and components are made by Stockwell Elastomerics. Parts for EMI control, ESD protection, conductivity, and thermal interface qualities can be manufactured to specifications.

Stockwell Elacstomers Inc Official Website:

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Stockwell Elacstomers Inc. Applications and Industries:

Robert McKeown RF Shielding

Robert McKeown RF Shielding

Veterans own Robert Mckeown: stocking distributor and custom fabricator of tailored specialty materials for electronic assembly with ISO 9001:2015 certification. Electronic tapes, EMI shielding/ESD grounding, thermal management, and encapsulating/coating materials are available. Other items include thermally and electrically conductive silicone and epoxy adhesives/sealants, gaskets, cable shields, gap fillers, insulators, encapsulants, conductive elastomers, tapes & laminates, gaskets, connection seal grommets, and epoxy catalysts.

Robert McKeown Co. Inc. Official Website:

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Robert McKeown RF Shielding.:

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Vanguard RF Shielding

Vanguard RF Shielding

Vanguard is accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Manufacturer of silicone, fluorosilicone, and EPDM EMI/RFI shielding in conventional and custom configurations. Obtainable from 0.010 to 3 inches sizes. The characteristics include tear and crack resistance, aging, or conductivity qualities. Vanguard’s additional services include cutting, bonding, and creating O-rings. Suitable for shielded connector seals in computers, auto control systems, avionics, military weapon systems, and base stations for telecommunication.

Vanguard Products Official Website:

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Vanguard RF Shielding:

Vanguard Products:

Things to Consider on Choosing the Right RF Shielding Company


Numerous RF shield producers are competing for your business. Additionally, while they will all claim that they can produce your part according to your exact specifications, not all will tell the truth. How do you pick the most suitable manufacturing company to handle your RF shield? By evaluating each potential partner’s adherence to the criteria below.


Although certifications are only one of the things to look for in a manufacturing partner, they provide a solid starting point. That’s because obtaining these qualifications, at the very least, requires time. They do, however, show a dedication to quality and manufacturing proficiency, even though they cannot be used to guarantee with certainty that a partner would complete the task.


In addition to certifications, you must be sure that you will be someone other than the manufacturer’s first customer for whom an RF shield was produced. You shouldn’t even be the fifth or the tenth, in all likelihood. You wish to collaborate with a partner who can successfully name specific products for which they have produced RF shields. Better still, they can offer client references about their ability to manufacture RF shields.

On-Staff Expert Engineers

Finding a manufacturing partner with engineers on staff is crucial. These engineers should be able to advise you on the manufacturing feasibility of your RF shield and associated components so you can save time and effort and design something that can’t be produced.

Quality Assurance System

If you have quality, your RF shield can become valuable and practical. If that shield has a flaw or breaks down in the real world, the blame falls on you, not the manufacturer who made the mistake. Thus, you should seek a manufacturing partner who has established a robust quality system. Look for clearly defined quality % targets, documented error-prevention, mitigation, and correction procedures, as well as contemporary technology.


Any RF shielding business can design, construct, and produce RF shielding to satisfy your organization’s unique requirements. Only a few of the top manufacturers of high-quality RF shielding are represented in the list above. You can find the best RF shielding f

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